Falling Apart Collection

         The portraits from this series are fragmented and at times multilayered; in “suspension” holding together through a network of lines or “spaces” real or imaginary.

         This way Jacqueline connects them with each other and with the world, but at the same time detaches them from their immediate environment.

         Jacqueline works depicts the nowadays person fragmented in his/her feelings and thoughts “stencilised or cartoonsized”; in other words devaluated. He/she at times seems two dimentional like an advertisement product: a poster, a cutout cardboard, a jigsaw puzzle.

         In its treatment of the lines and spaces Jacqueline’s work is strongly influenced by native art.

These recent works are Acrylic Paintings

Joined at the Hip (48"x48")








Disillusioned (20"x16")

Dreamland (48"x48")


Giddy (20"x16")

Broken Heart (48"x48")



Mrs Know it All (48"x48")


As we are in 3007 (16" x 12")


I'm completely into You (16" x12")


Completely Mine (16"x12")


Broken Dolly (16"x12")


New Generation of Friends (16" x 12")